Sex…..Makes The World Go ‘Round….Or At Least Helps With Sleep At Night

PassionI know quite a few people who have problems sleeping. They have tried yoga, meditation, drinking warm milk, balancing on their heads – you name it – with no relief. I just wonder how many of them have tried a good ‘ol dose of some good sex? Not that uptight, let-me-just-get-this-over-with kind of sex, but passionate and intense, non-stop kissing and caressing, sweating out the bed sheets type of sex.

Far too often, especially in committed relationships, people (I won’t point the finger at women or men) settle into a routine and lose interest in bringing passion with them into the bedroom. Hey! That might be a problem, too. Try getting freaky in different places – the bed is one of MANY surfaces for a good time.

I hear a lot of my female friends complain about feeling fat and unattractive and because of this feeling less than desirable they choose to not desire their partner. Ladies, he still desires you! If he didn’t he probably wouldn’t be coming home to you. I’m just saying. If you think about it, men have insecurities, too. They sometimes take the ‘don’t touch me vibe’ as a sign that we are no longer attracted to them. Do you see how it can cause a vicious unnecessary cycle of unhealthy self-esteem issues?

We must all learn to stop the negative self-talk that we bombard ourselves with on a daily basis. Stop comparing ourselves with the next person or the person on tv. None of us are airbrushed to perfection constantly so it’s no use to live with those unrealistic expectations that no one can even live up to.
Love the skin you are in. If that seems too hard a task then fake it until you make it. Avoid mirrors for awhile and just pretend you’re in a movie playing the leading actor or actress for your partner. Love on them; tease them. Make them feel wanted and in turn I promise you will feel sexy and wanted, too. If anything else, you will know by the way their body reactions to you whether you still got it or not.

Sex isn’t meant to be uptight and boring. Make it fun. Somebody make an animal noise – raWr! Grrrrrr……something. Go ahead and laugh – that’s even better because then it lessens your inhibitions and allows you to become more comfortable in the moment. When you are comfortable you are more inclined to really enjoy yourself. So hey, why deny yourself that guilty pleasure? Then, when all is said and done, lala land won’t seem so far off anymore.

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