The Pleasure Principles are more than just sex; they are about love and passion.  While I may allude to it, I ultimately want to leave as much of it up to your imagination.  I think many of our relationship dilemma’s are caused by trying to live a life based on principles that someone else has deemed appropriate for our lives.  We fail to really enjoy our own passion because we are busy saving face for no one but our own inhibitions.

What is pleasurable and passionate should fall within the parameters of what is comfortable to you.  However, being open-minded may broaden your ability to really experience passion beyond your wildest dreams.  My hope is that you find pleasure in the words I share whenever you are stopping by.


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Passionate Reality

It was in my hopes for a promising future with you that I lost sight of myself.Had I been honest with my feelings you would have known you never really had a chance.

In all actuality, you are not even an option;

You are a convenience that ends nicely

When my love life has been a little lonely.

I love – our arrangements.

There are no questions asked

Just needs met.

I love – the morning after.

When I revel in a fraction of a fantasy all night laying in your arms

And mornings break brings about an excuse to leave without all the awkwardness,

Well, because you and I both know what time it is.

The distance between us builds that heightened expectancy of passionate pleasures.

My body gets right in tune with your vibe as soon as we lock eyes.

It’s an unspoken kindred feeling

An indescribable place of ecstasy that you take me to every time.

Every time I find myself yearning for more

Yet pulling back because I know you leave me more often than not unfulfilled

Outside of the parameters of making my body feel good.

So I fantasize about those places your tongue knows so well

I giggle to myself thinking about how your kisses feel.

Our unspoken chemistry is without boundaries

It may be more than even we can understand,

Yet your body knows mine,

And my body craves you undeniably.

So let’s cut this short and get down to what we both know we came here for.