The Pleasure Principles are more than just sex; they are about love and passion.  While I may allude to it, I ultimately want to leave as much of it up to your imagination.  I think many of our relationship dilemma’s are caused by trying to live a life based on principles that someone else has deemed appropriate for our lives.  We fail to really enjoy our own passion because we are busy saving face for no one but our own inhibitions.

What is pleasurable and passionate should fall within the parameters of what is comfortable to you.  However, being open-minded may broaden your ability to really experience passion beyond your wildest dreams.  My hope is that you find pleasure in the words I share whenever you are stopping by.

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Foolish Am I

Have you ever been riding in your car
And heard that one song that
Takes you back to a place and time
Where you were so head over heels in love
And life had purpose?
Next thing you know
You’re lost in thought
About their hugs and kisses
And those sweet conversations
That made night evaporate
Into dawn.
The blissful memories
Of being completely uninhibited
Afraid of nothing and
Lost forever in a time
Where nothing even mattered
But their smile;
Their warm embrace;
The way they spoke your name
And sweetly kissed your forehead.
Those days were forever ago.
I have not felt those feelings since then
And I wonder,
Will I ever be trusting enough
To let my guard down like that again?
To let love engulf me and
Ride away with the wind?
The wind has known my tears
Has kissed them many times.
I have known pain
To never want to feel that helpless again.
Yet here I am
Crying softly wishing you would hear me and
Save me from a lonesome life and
Loveless future without you.
But like before –
You let me down.
It was a mistake to wish for you:
To put my faith in your
Chance for loving me.
I am always gonna be
A fool who loves too hard for you.

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