It’s Late…

When it’s late, and quiet, where does your mind wander? When distractions are now resting, the bustle of the day has waned, what do you choose to indulge your restless thoughts?

I play music to unwind and allow creativity to flow freely. Sometimes I find bliss while other times I find writer’s block.

It’s late. I remember when I felt most alive at this hour. I lived for pleasure and passion and indulgence was a luxury I never denied myself of. I’m more reserved now; not necessarily good or bad, just the way life is.

Still, I love this hour when the house is quiet, and I can be free with my thoughts. Free to reminisce about whatever. Free to just…

It’s late…..what are you doing?


I try distracting my mind with mundane tasks

Throughout the day.

Yet somehow

My thoughts find their way

Back to you.

The rise and fall of my chest

As I take a deep breath

Reminds me of how I like to

Slow grind up and down

On your throne.

I blink away naughty thoughts as

I feel my nipples rub gently against my blouse.

This arousal takes me from my desk

To a place where my body is covered

In wet kisses

And your tongue is writing love letters

Between my thighs.

I try fanning away the temptation

Of teasing myself by messaging you.

I’ve already spent my lunch break

Touching myself in the restroom

Because the memories have left my panties

Wet from just the thought of doing dirty

Things to you…

On my desk, in the car, anywhere our imagination allows…

My body betrays me

In the moments I need to focus.

All I can think about is me on top

Of you.

Those lips kissing me in sacred places.

Those hands gripping me tightly.

The heavy tone of your whisper

As you talk me through each phase of pleasure.

The depth and rhythm of your stroke

I find intoxicating enough

To never want rehab.

But most importantly

I can’t stop thinking of what your eyes say

When you look deeply into my soul.

You pierce my inner walls;

You feel like home.

You are more than just a thrill.

An intoxicating pleasurable experience.

You are my safe space

Where I feel natural, uninhibited

And well understood and



My reverie consists of you.
Just you.
In the most ordinary way.
I indulge all of my senses
Imagining you here with me.
The smell of your cologne
The warmth of your touch.
The taste of your lips
The depth of love I see in your eyes.
The growl in your voice for your unspoken desire.

I long for the moment of just you and me
When our bodies entangle, and we blend into
An erotic sensual reverie.
I beg for more
And you quench my desire.
I get distracted by space and time
And reawaken to a new opportunity to explore.

In theory this is all a fabricated illusion.
In truth I’ve only manifested this concept of you.
But I revel in the daydream of what could be.
Contemplating your lips kissing the corner of my smile…

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