Saying what I feel will never mean anything if you don’t realize what I’m feeling is for you.
They are empty words that float out into space
Lost between here and you.
I quit trying to fill the void of your existence
With people who could on temporarily relieve my yearning.
Sex without a purpose might as well be replaced with masturbation
Because then I’m not left with the awkwardness of asking
Them to leave….Quietly.

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Why Aren’t You Into This?

There are different levels of sexual intercourse; quickies, sex, making love, and f*ckin’ (please excuse my language). I discussed quickies the other day. The purpose is to get in, get out, and get back to work or whatever you were doing without raising suspicion. Sex is just that; sex. Foreplay may or may not be involved, there are some type of feelings involved whether it is friends with benefits, lovers, etc. Spooning may or may not accompany sex as well as sleeping over. Making love is sensual and suggests love between the two involved. This type of intercourse is usually in every Nicolas Sparks movie. Then we have f*ckin’. The purpose lies in the end result. It’s usually wild, raw, intense, rough, and with someone you may or may not know.

This type of sexual intercourse usually coincides with make up sex; because all of those pent up emotions need to be released. After the first round, one of the other types above may follow.

Guys, listen. You may be the more physical type, but sometimes we want it just like you. Come in the door, take off your clothes, come to attention, and come get it. No words, no eye contact, just getting straight to the point. Your girl may feel this way right before that time of the month when those hormones are raging and your manhood has been on her mind all day long. If she’s feeling frisky, you might get a naughty photo during the day – take that as a hint.

I had this one guy who worked really late. I was usually asleep by the time he got home because I went to work really early. This particular day I had been thinking about what I wanted to do to him all day long. By that night, I was pacing the floor waiting for his car to pull into the driveway. I pounced him when he got in the door. We didn’t make it to the bedroom, so we did it against the wall. Afterwards I said, “good night,” and crawled in bed to go to bed, leaving him with his pants around his ankle and leaning against the wall trying to catch his breath.

Fast forward a week. Mother Nature has come and gone, I’m asleep when he comes home. He wakes me up by turning me over, pulling my panties off and feasting on my warm delight. It was good, but I was so out of it that I kept falling back to sleep. I sounded like, “ooooh…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..mmmmmmm………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..zzzzzzzz……..ooohhhhh…..”

He put it in and started working it. My body went with the motions with him, but I was out. What woke me up was him standing on the side of the bed yelling at me, “Why aren’t you into this!? What’s wrong with you?”

Anyone who knows me knows I can say some pretty crazy things while asleep. I can do some pretty crazy things while asleep, too – hence, having sex. I think I called him a *female dog* and some other things before rolling over and going back to sleep. He stomped out of the room into the living room to watch tv. I could hear him in there complaining to himself about how disrespectful I was about not being into it with him.

Here is my question for the fella’s: does it matter if your girl is consciously into it, as long as she okay with it? Does she need to be “into” it, or does she just need to be wet? For my ladies, do you care if your guy is into it as long as his equipment is working for you to get what you need?

He and I actually broke up shortly after that. I told him he was an idiot for letting go of a woman willing to please him even in her sleep, regardless if I was into it or not. That was not my response for every time we had intercourse, just that one time. It just so happened I had taken some Ambien to fall asleep, so there wasn’t much that was going to wake me up.

Let me hear your thoughts…

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Elements of an Elusive Feeling

I crack open my window to catch some of the gentle breeze flowing
It flows effortlessly as I blink silent tears away.
How could I let all of my freedom slip away from me?
How could I let you take my heart from me?
You are barely a figment of my reality,
You come and go so infrequently,
It’s a wonder you had time to steal my heart.

But you did. All within a few seconds of gently embracing me.
Caressing my fragile wounded soul and kissing every painful memory away.
You didn’t have to be so kind.
I didn’t expect you to notice the little things,
But there you were,
In my living room, and making your way into my heart.
Embedding yourself into the depth of my eyes
And anchoring a place within my spirit.
I’d rather hate you, you know.
It would all just be so much easier if I could dislike you.

Your inconsistency plays with my emotions.
It does nothing for my fear of committment.
I try to put up a wall to lock you out,
And I’ll do well for a few days until…
You return and knock it down again.
And I am left with a smiling heart and my security shattered
Into dust sized pieces, of which will never form together again.
But it’s okay, I tell myself, until I find myself alone again,
Wondering where you went to this time,
Wondering why you bothered to return if you knew
You were just going to disappear again.

I can’t keep longing for you.
I can’t keep fighting my feelings.
Either you are in, or out, but none of this halfway business.
Please tell me the truth, so that I can set myself free
Of the undulating feeling of wanting to being in love with you.