I am in tune with my body.
I feel my heart throbbing.
Much like the pulsating sensation between my thighs.
All day long my thoughts have been distracted.
I must catch my breath every time my shirt
Rubs gently against my breast.
I need a moment to collect myself.
The palpitations beat in sync with
These racing thoughts I have about
Meeting you in our bed.

I need some hot and heavy attention,
I don’t want to waste another second.
I want to know if you are thinking of me
As much as I’ve been craving you?
I can envision your hands touching me in places;
Places that yearn to be touched by you.
I’m tired of teasing myself with ‘barely scratching the surface’ releases.
I want to gush all over you with my love
Until it drenches our sheets,
And your lips,
And the tip…

My love is throbbing in sync to my beating heart.
Catch the vibe, come catch this rhythm.
We’ve fallen out of sync
And I’d like to bring us back to love.
I want to feel us making love again.
I need to believe we can
Find our way back to ecstasy
And pleasure fulfilled.
Competing with one another to bring the other to unmatched heights of pleasure.
No holding back.
Just getting lost in the desire of
Making love memorable;
Everything we could fantasize
Since last we touched.

Published by J. Mahogany

I'm in love with the idea of making others feel good about themselves and being as encouraging as possible in a world full of hurt and confusion.

One thought on “Arousal

  1. I love it!!!!

    On Tue, Nov 16, 2021, 12:44 PM The Pleasure Principles wrote:

    > J. Mahogany posted: ” I am in tune with my body.I feel my heart > throbbing.Much like the pulsating sensation between my thighs.All day long > my thoughts have been distracted.I must catch my breath every time my > shirtRubs gently against my breast.I need a moment to collect mysel” >

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