Make Up Sex

You know what I’m talking about. He’s got you so furious you want to punch him in the damn throat. Or you’ve made him so angry he wants to shake you until your wig flies batman and robinoff. Any serious relationship has experienced it; I say serious because we all know we wouldn’t get that angry over someone who is just there for sex or convenience.

It is normal to have disagreements and to be upset, as long as at the end of the day neither of you have said something so hurtful or disrespectful that you cannot recover from it. My philosophy is that the truth comes out when you are angry. Your filter temporarily breaks and what you held off from saying for the sake of someone’s feelings ends up spilling out like lava from a volcano.

Have you heard older people say “Never go to bed angry” before? It means tomorrow isn’t promised and whatever petty argument you had shouldn’t be the last words spoken to the one you love. Think about all of the natural disasters that have occurred. Think about all of the terrorist attacks. If you got into an argument with your loved one and they were a victim of something tragic, how would you feel knowing your last words to them were hurtful? Spiteful? Indignant?

If what you are fighting about is truly serious that neither of you can find common ground, I would highly recommend seeking a counselor to mediate. Sometimes having a fresh perspective can break the brick wall between the two parties.
A friend of mine said he and his wife recently had a terrible argument that lasted a few days. Although still angry at the other, they agreed to take it back to the basics and go on a dinner date. He said when she walked in wearing a tight black dress he forgot why he was even angry to begin with and immediately embraced her. Staring at her from across the table, he said he fell in love with her all over again. She played dirty; showing off her curves and peek-a-boo with her cleavage. However, that was the love of his life and the fact is neither wanted to ruin what they had over a petty argument.

Make up sex? Yes, please! He said he tore that *** up when they got home!

Human emotions have a way of being intense. Love, lust and desire can be just as intense as anger. It makes me think fiery red. Make up sex is like becoming a horny teenager all over again. Remember the raw passion you had; the lack of inhibition and intoxication of sexuality? Clothes were ripped off and thrown wherever, there was kissing, biting, licking, sucking, nibbling, etc. Hair was clinging to your skin with sweat beads rolling down your chest and back. Nail marks were digging into his back as he hit the right spot over and over. You didn’t care how loud you were. You were real. You were free. You were sexy. You were…back in love. kiss and make up

Love will make you do some strange things, let me tell you.

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