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How To Make An Easy Buck

If you have a few minutes I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Take a look into the sad, hidden lives of men and their sexual desires as you follow a call girl through one night. Follow her as she meets her clients and feeds their passions. In the final scene, when danger looms large, will the narrator’s survival skills get her out unscathed?

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This Friday, February 28th, my friend’s short story debuts via The Nook. You DO NOT need to have the Nook tablet to purchase a copy. You can use one of the following two options;
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Passion Chronicle #4

It was New Years Eve at a lakeshore rental house in Lake Tahoe. The DJ’s music filled every corner of the house with mellow vibes as people were dispersed throughout drinking, talking, dancing, playing cards, and laughing while we snuck away into the master bedroom bathroom. The exhilaration of doing something totally uninhibited and reckless was totally hot and sexy.

He pushed me against the bathroom door and pressed his body up against mine. He engulfed me in a fiery kiss that left me feeling dizzy yet yearning for more. While his hand cupped my breast and lips made their way down into my blouse, my head was spinning. I could feel him pulsing against my thigh through his jeans. I bit my bottom lip, smiling to myself, at the anticipation of how badly I wanted him.

I wrapped one arm around his neck and his lips made their way back up to mine. I pulled my panties down from under my skirt with the other hand and let them fall down to the floor. I felt him fumble with his belt and zipper and free his manhood. He lifted me up on the edge of the sink and slid in between my thighs gently. The fullness of the first thrust caught me off guard and I gasped in ecstasy. Thankfully the DJ’s music was a loud and distracting noise in the background for us.

I quickly caught his rhythm and braced myself on the sink for support. Items were toppling over onto the floor but we didn’t care. His hands gripped my ass and lifted me off the sink into the air. I’d never been so moist like this in my life, but I’d never felt something so good before either. Every thrust became deeper and stronger. I held on tightly because I felt like I was going to explode, or melt, right there in his arms.

And his lips. His lips made me tingle with every kiss, every nibble, every bite. His raw untamable passion consumed me like a wildfire. He began to slow down. My head stopped spinning out of control. I thought I would have a chance to catch my breath. He put me down and turned me around. When he slid in from behind I leaned against the edge of the bathtub and spread my legs. His thrusts were rhythmic and intoxicating. I felt myself trembling. My body began to lose control and violently tremble as I exploded from the most intense orgasm my body had ever experienced.

I felt his hands caress the small of my back. I felt him leave soft kisses on my back as he pulled out slowly. I turned to him and he kissed my nose. I smiled and looked down to notice his manhood was pulsing. I glanced back up at him and with a sly smile on his face I knew this was just the beginning…

Passion Chronicles #1

The candlelight set the mood. It was a lazy day, but the sun was high and draining. Our skin was toasted from lounging outside in the hammock, although under the tree.

The bubble bath was warm, just enough to keep our body temperature. I rested against his chest as he rubbed his soapy hands tenderly up and down my chocolate thigh, which rested softly against his.

We laughed, talked and enjoyed one another’s company in that moment. I washed him, he washed me, kissing, sucking and licking a place here or there.

My, how being with him feels so…natural. Could I have honestly been made from his rib? What we have is just so rare. We talked of the fun we have in practicing to make our future baby. We REALLY have fun practicing.

Practice makes perfect as I step out of the bathtub and beckon his wet body to follow mine. Without missing a beat he hops out of the water and follows my footprints to the bed, where I’m butt naked and on all four.

His hand traces the curve of my backside from head to tail and pull me toward my heaven. I can feel him ready and pulsing, and my juices start flowing in anticipation.

Smack! His hand meets my backside before thrusting into my body with such power. I arch my back and throw my hips back at him. “I want you to take it,” I say, because I crave him so bad. “Take it all, baby, it’s yours,” I whisper as he thrusts again and again.

I feel his hand reach down and trace circles around my goodness. The double stimulation is making my body tighten and tremble. He grabs my hair and pulls it back, leaning down to whisper in my ear, ‘You gonna call me daddy yet?”

I throw a quick twist in my hip as I push right back and I hear him moan in ecstasy. “No,” I whisper, as I look over my shoulder and smile. “You may be the best damn lover, but I’m still not gonna call you daddy,” I say.

“Oh, but you will, baby. Oh but you will,” he says with a laugh. I start laughing, too, as we know all too well we say this every time.

We change positions and I find myself on top. My insecurity has vanished as I own the moment. I know it’s feeling good because the grip of his hands on my body is tightening. It feels so good even I can’t get enough.

I’m giving it to him like I’m hoola hooping, or like I’m a back ground dancer for Janet Jackson. I’m grinding my hips harder into his pelvis, trying to push him deeper and deeper inside of me. I’m sweating like I’m back outside in the heat. I’m riding my heat, and I feel like it’s ready to fully blaze.

“I’m coming, baby,” is all I hear as I grind harder and faster. He grabs my waist and squeezes me so tight. It feels so amazingly wonderful.

“Baby, I think everything left me but my soul,” I hear him say. Laughing, I agree.

“We definitely could have made a baby boy that time,” I say, with a smile.

“You so crazy,” he says, as he pulls me down for some tender kisses.

“Crazy about you,” I say, as I look into his eyes and thank God for blessing me with a wonderful man.

He says, “Not as crazy as me,” and flips me over on my back while leaving sensual kisses all over my body. They feel so nice and eventually lead to round two..