Big Girls Need Love To

big girlMy dude. I know you see me over here. What? Did I blend in with the damn scenery? Were you put off by the fact that I actually ‘eat’ when I go out to dinner? Truth is, I’m not as invisible as you’d like to pretend I am.

Weight and physical beauty are relative; nothing is permanent about them. Getting to know the real me might uncover a real gem, or freak, if you took the time to look past all the ‘fluff’. By the way, ‘fluff’ ain’t so bad for trying to do some of those freaky things you want to do, say, when bones grinding on you just isn’t that appealing.

Sink your teeth in a juicy red apple. Now sink your teeth in a juicy blueberry. Not the same kind of result, huh? Not as satisfying? I’m not hating on my skinny girls, because my sister and close friends are a part of the itty bitty committee but I’m just saying don’t be so closed-minded about big girls.
plus size pin up
Everyone has their preference and I’m not knocking that but there are perks to having your big girl card. You know she’s always gonna want to feed you, especially after some good loving because she worked up an appetite. If you ever piss her off, food will usually calm her down and distract her enough for you to get away, food will probably be an added item to any foreplay, and you won’t have to always come up with places to eat because guarantee she knows all of the good ones and possibly has hook ups or discounts.

Big girls are more durable and won’t flinch at the first hint of escalated rough sex. Pause – I don’t mean lose your damn mind a choke anybody, that might get you shot. But ass smacking and pounding harder won’t be interrupted with whining and crying because something hurts. That’s what all of this padding is for!

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