Passion Chronicles #3

I lay awake at night counting the hours of sleep I lose over you because I just can’t seem to let it go. Am I smitten? Maybe just dumb. All I know is I’m feeling out on a limb like Teena Marie.

Could it be you don’t recognize my existence? Or possibly you’ve moved on after all this time but no one has heart enough to tell me the truth.

I love you. Is that too hard for you to understand? For years I thought maybe I wasn’t good enough for you – but no, I deserve you. Actually, do you even deserve me?

See what happens when you leave me alone too long with my own volative thoughts? They conjure the craziest, yet plausible, scenarios. It just leaves me wondering what all of this waiting around is for?

If I’m here and you’re there, how do we connect these dots?