In Its Own Time

In due time
I believe I can share with you my heart.
But my heart has been placed in some rather calloused hands
So I’m not as open to giving myself as freely
As you may have once remembered me.
I’ve allowed the wind
To kiss many of my tears away.
It just never could erase the pain.
No, never.
And the memories don’t seem to fade
No matter how much people say
Scars diminish with time…

Whenever you put your arms around me
I can’t help feeling so weak.
It’s such a scary feeling
Being this vulnerable when I’m near you.
It’s too real for me – it’s too raw emotionally.
I’ve never shown that fragile side before to anyone.
No matter how hard I try to push you away
I miss you immediately,
Nothing feels right;
I feel incomplete.
And to my surprise you are always right there –
Right there where I left you when I ran away from what I felt inside.

I assumed all this time that you didn’t love me;
For sure you must not have cared.
You never once put up a fight for me to stay;
You never once wiped a single tear away.
I thought it cruel of you to let me go it alone
Until I realized how much I had grown on my own–
And how much you, in time, had matured, too.
At every moment I ran away
You opened your arms to free me
And I wondered, if you cared so much for me, why let me go?
How do you know that I’ll return?

I presume it’s because when
Two hearts are meant to beat as one
There is no distance that can come between –
No emotion so strong to break –
No one person whom my heart was made for

Other than your own.

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