Happy Fat Tuesday!

fat tuesday

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Fat Tuesday! Hope you are wearing your beads today, or go out to collect some at the parties tonight if you plan on hanging out.

Eat a slice, or two, of some king cake and try to find the baby for good luck. Make today great – tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. What are you giving up?


*Disclaimer: I am not Catholic, nor am I trying to press religion on anyone. I have followed Lent for years because I have found giving up something for 40 days is very humbling and rewarding. If you’ve never tried it I seriously encourage you to look over your life and give up one thing that you might do too much of. This might be the thing to bring you closer in your relationship; might even be something to break a bad habit. Either way, enjoy today and worry about all that other stuff tomorrow!!!


Every Woman Has an Inner Tyra


Who says you have to be Tyra Banks or Giselle Bundchen to pose and take sexy pictures? Every woman has the possibility to be beautiful; with the right clothing, lighting, camera and makeup. Oh right, and person they feel VERY comfortable with to put them in some of those vulnerable positions, that if done correctly, come out so classy and tasteful.

I recently did a ‘photo shoot’ for a friend who was a bit apprehensive about the whole idea. She didn’t feel comfortable doing a boudoir package with someone she didn’t know so I told her I would gladly help out. I did some research about what poses would work best, helped her pick colors that I thought complimented her skin tone and helped with hair and makeup. I think they came out rather well – if you don’t mind me tooting my own horn ‘toot’ – and her husband LOVED them, which was the overall goal.

After taking the pictures for her, I came to the conclusion that every woman should have her Next Top Model moment and feel sexy about herself. Granted, I’m divorced and single, but what I have learned from all of my heartache and pain is that I can still feel beautiful and sexy regardless of having someone in my life. That should not be the defining factor in how I feel about myself. Or how you feel about yourself.


With that said, grab your bestie, a camera and leggo! You probably could set up your camera to take your own pictures but the only reason I don’t advise this is because often times we neglect the imperfections about ourselves that are actually beautiful. In being overly critical of ourselves we diminish our true unique qualities.

Now smile for the camera, click, click!

If you are doing these pictures for your man, trust me, he will love them. Just make sure he doesn’t try to show you his appreciation in the same way….

Late Night Thoughts 5

I remember when your kisses were my drug.
They felt so intoxicating
I never needed anything else to feel high.

Now I’m feenin’…..
You’re like an itch that I just can’t scratch.

Got me laying awake at night
Yearning for you to quench the thirst
Of my desire.


Saying what I feel will never mean anything if you don’t realize what I’m feeling is for you.
They are empty words that float out into space
Lost between here and you.
I quit trying to fill the void of your existence
With people who could on temporarily relieve my yearning.
Sex without a purpose might as well be replaced with masturbation
Because then I’m not left with the awkwardness of asking
Them to leave….Quietly.

Hot New Read

This Friday, February 28th, my friend’s short story debuts via The Nook. You DO NOT need to have the Nook tablet to purchase a copy. You can use one of the following two options;
1) Download the FREE Nook app and purchase a copy this Friday; or
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Elements of an Elusive Feeling

I crack open my window to catch some of the gentle breeze flowing
It flows effortlessly as I blink silent tears away.
How could I let all of my freedom slip away from me?
How could I let you take my heart from me?
You are barely a figment of my reality,
You come and go so infrequently,
It’s a wonder you had time to steal my heart.

But you did. All within a few seconds of gently embracing me.
Caressing my fragile wounded soul and kissing every painful memory away.
You didn’t have to be so kind.
I didn’t expect you to notice the little things,
But there you were,
In my living room, and making your way into my heart.
Embedding yourself into the depth of my eyes
And anchoring a place within my spirit.
I’d rather hate you, you know.
It would all just be so much easier if I could dislike you.

Your inconsistency plays with my emotions.
It does nothing for my fear of committment.
I try to put up a wall to lock you out,
And I’ll do well for a few days until…
You return and knock it down again.
And I am left with a smiling heart and my security shattered
Into dust sized pieces, of which will never form together again.
But it’s okay, I tell myself, until I find myself alone again,
Wondering where you went to this time,
Wondering why you bothered to return if you knew
You were just going to disappear again.

I can’t keep longing for you.
I can’t keep fighting my feelings.
Either you are in, or out, but none of this halfway business.
Please tell me the truth, so that I can set myself free
Of the undulating feeling of wanting to being in love with you.