I once worked for this boss who liked to take long lunch breaks. Since she broke the rules a bit, she didn’t mind, if on occasion, we did the same.

I always pack my lunch and take it to work with me. On one particular day, I grabbed my lunch, got in my car and headed over to this guys house for my lunch break. (intermission: this could lead to a new Passion Chronicle…..) When I arrived, I saw his car in the driveway and when I got up to the door I noticed it was unlocked.

I headed inside and went straight to the back room in the corner on the left. When I opened the door, he was laying butt naked on the bed, ready and waiting. Now that’s my idea of hot and ready!

Have you ever had a quickie? I mean, you don’t have much time, so all the courtesies and cute playfulness is thrown out the window. It’s about getting down and dirty as quickly as possible, yet not ruining makeup, hair or wrinkling clothing so that you can get back to being professional in a snap. **Wearing skirts or dresses and bras that snap in the front makes this extra helpful ladies**
He and I had this scheduled lunch date every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:15 a.m. when none of his roommates would be home. I’d eat my lunch on the drive back to work while checking my hair in the rear view mirror for any fly aways or smeared lipstick. This schedule went on for months. What I loved was there was rarely any talking, any cuddling and spooning; it was raw, passionate, uninhibited, fun and uncomplicated. We were both seeing other people at the time and didn’t want feelings to get involved but couldn’t ignore the sexual chemistry between us.

Later we did end up dumping the people we were dating, but not for each other. We recognized early that the only thing good between us was the sex. I’m not quite sure why it ended, but it was an exciting experience to have lived.

If you are thinking, how can you find pleasure in quick sex? Trust me, you can. The exhilaration of it being forbidden and untraditional in the sense of what sex is about is what makes it so amazing. The adrenalin racing through your body and the thrill of doing something so racy in the daytime, on the couch, in the bathroom, in the car, on the counter, in the closet, or wherever you can get it will truly make you feel every bit of hot and steamy.

Check out Joel D. Block’s book Quickie’s You’ll Never Forget for some ideas. Let me know what you think and share some of your quickie success stories.

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