Let’s Just Make Out

Let’s face it; we have busy lives. Even if we could clone ourselves, most of us wouldn’t have the time for the procedure. We all know something will suffer no matter how hard we try to stretch ourselves thin to accommodate everything. So how do you keep the passion going in a relationship starved of quality time?

Previously, I wrote about scheduling time for sex for those who simply have too hectic of a schedule. It may not work for everyone, but for some it is the perfect solution. I’ve written about quickies – those hot passionate sex sessions for people who don’t have a lot of time but need that quick sexual release….again, this may not be for everyone. For some, this may not be enough so I would advise scheduling some quality time with your significant other to fulfill those unmet needs.

When you are seriously starved for time my guess is that you are running high on stress as well. One way to quickly come down is to take it back to the basics; have a full on make out session like teenagers. Remember those days when you would make out in the car for hours, groping and touching, kissing until your lips were raw, teasing each other to the point of losing control? Well, let’s not take it ‘that’ far, but rekindle some of those old feelings of reckless abandon.
It doesn’t matter how it starts: walking up behind them and starting a trail of soft kisses at the nape of their neck; sitting on their lap and just locking lips. I don’t mean those dry boring kisses where your lips touch for like .3 seconds either. I mean a juicy kiss. A kiss that lingers on their mind long after your lips have parted.

That type of kiss will guarantee a “To be continued…” later, trust me. It might even bump a few things down the responsibility list because it started a fire that needs extinguishing immediately. Who knows? Just enjoy the moment without worry and care. Two minutes will not make the world end.
Think about how you are going to create and enjoy a passionate moment today. Life is about the moments we make and the people we cherish; do the people you care about know how you feel? Sometimes a kiss contains all the words your heart doesn’t have the courage to say.

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