Every Woman Has an Inner Tyra


Who says you have to be Tyra Banks or Giselle Bundchen to pose and take sexy pictures? Every woman has the possibility to be beautiful; with the right clothing, lighting, camera and makeup. Oh right, and person they feel VERY comfortable with to put them in some of those vulnerable positions, that if done correctly, come out so classy and tasteful.

I recently did a ‘photo shoot’ for a friend who was a bit apprehensive about the whole idea. She didn’t feel comfortable doing a boudoir package with someone she didn’t know so I told her I would gladly help out. I did some research about what poses would work best, helped her pick colors that I thought complimented her skin tone and helped with hair and makeup. I think they came out rather well – if you don’t mind me tooting my own horn ‘toot’ – and her husband LOVED them, which was the overall goal.

After taking the pictures for her, I came to the conclusion that every woman should have her Next Top Model moment and feel sexy about herself. Granted, I’m divorced and single, but what I have learned from all of my heartache and pain is that I can still feel beautiful and sexy regardless of having someone in my life. That should not be the defining factor in how I feel about myself. Or how you feel about yourself.


With that said, grab your bestie, a camera and leggo! You probably could set up your camera to take your own pictures but the only reason I don’t advise this is because often times we neglect the imperfections about ourselves that are actually beautiful. In being overly critical of ourselves we diminish our true unique qualities.

Now smile for the camera, click, click!

If you are doing these pictures for your man, trust me, he will love them. Just make sure he doesn’t try to show you his appreciation in the same way….

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