Writing and Publication

jpegAt 23, my best friend and I founded our legacy, JM3, which stands for J. Mahogany and Micah Michele (our author pseudonyms).  We co-wrote a book of poetry/prose entitled Barely Breathing which is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in print and ebook.

My bestie has retired Micah Michele but has gone on to write a young adult (YA) book series and a phenomenal psychological thriller entitled The GRIM, which you can find at http://www.raynettastocks.com.

We have agreed to collaborate on a sophomore poetry/prose book so be on the look out.  Until then, please whet your appetite with the poetry/prose and short stories you find here, or as I like to call them my “Passion Chronicles,” which are a mixture of my imagination, dreams, and real life situations that were just too juicy to keep to myself.  I tend not to write on the raunchy side so most of my work will be borderline explicit and others will just be gushing with emotion.

I hope you can sit back and enjoy them; maybe take some notes, get a good laugh or reminisce on that special someone who made you feel the exact same way. Sex, passion and love are all about what you make of it; fun, exciting, crazy, wild, passionate, intense, or romantic. I just hope you choose what’s right for you 🙂


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