086 (2)I may not know much about anything but I do know what feels good.  And sex feels good.  Especially good sex.  I want to help people feel good about themselves in exploring sex, whether it is talking about it, learning new tricks or rekindling a burnt out flame.  We all need love; but sometimes we just need to ‘let love come down’.

A native from Inglewood, CA, I was raised in a military family and traveled much of my childhood.  I later joined the United States Navy for 13 exciting years to explore the world on my own and experience what it had to offer.  All of these adventures added to my already elaborate imagination in writing for which I hope you are at least being entertained by.  If nothing else I love to pose for a camera, so you are bound to get a good laugh at my inner Tyra poses.

Co-Author of a poetry book entitled Barely Breathing, I’ve attempted to perform at a few open mic venues but have realized I am more of a fan of spoken word than a performer.  Although I am not the best, writing is my passion.  Writing is like breathing; a natural necessity.  I hope that through my words here you will discover your passion or maybe rediscover if you have allowed life to pull you from it.  Life is a journey and at the end of it I want to know I lived it the best I could and inspired someone along the way.

By no means am I an expert in anything that I write here, it is solely based on opinion, so please proceed with caution.  Above all else, enjoy!