Why I Need You Right Now

Have you ever felt so strongly about a person that they consumed your thoughts and dreams? Every waking moment you spend wondering about what it is they wonder, if you ever cross their mind or how you could see yourself with them…

It’s exhausting; I know. I wrote this late last night because I couldn’t get someone out of my head. I’d like to lock them in a corner of my brain and access them only 15 minutes out of my day – I mean, I do have a life that requires my immediate attention.

Why are they so engrained in our thoughts? Why does every inch of them replay over and over behind wandering eyes focused on daydreams and desires-to-be-true? Some call it obsession. Or love. Or lust. Depending on they type of feelings you possess for the person. Imagine the type of intimacy you could share if they knew how you felt? Would it be freeing?

We are all aware that tomorrow is not promised to us. The very foundation of our greatest moments in life usually revolve around someone we care deeply for. Because of this, I would stand to say that we shouldn’t waste our time being afraid to tell people how we feel – not even at the sake of feeling embarrassed. Sometimes knowing how much another person cares for you is a matter of life or death; sometimes it reveals the truth that those feelings were reciprocated. Sometimes it does lead to being hurt. However, you will never know unless you try.

Published by J. Mahogany

I'm in love with the idea of making others feel good about themselves and being as encouraging as possible in a world full of hurt and confusion.

2 thoughts on “Why I Need You Right Now

  1. J … an absolutely beautiful post. The last paragraph sums up what life is all about. If you have found that special person, cling to him/her like you cling to life. Because LOVE IS LIFE!

  2. I’ll add that while it may lead to hurt, love is indeed a gift. So give it free, expecting nothing in return. Also, you reap what you sow. You may not reap it where you planted, but trust me, you will reap it. Keep up the great work J. Mahogany!

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